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Here you can shop for real!

At e107.webstartinternet.com the demo shop is active.

There are two manuals available in the shop right now:

Paid extensions
With the extended Slideshow plugin you can also slide show EasyShop products! Works with EasyShop 1.4x to 1.7x.

Virtual thank-you downloads
As a demonstration how digital downloads work with EasyShop, you can order virtual T-shirts. You won't get a shirt, but an image of a shirt send by e-mail when the PayPal payment has succeeded. Just another way to send me a donation.

EasyShop 1.7 manual details:
Click on the thumbnail images to see larger pictures.

Price: € 15.00

Order your copy now!
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and supporting EasyShop, happy shopping!

Looking for the EasyPaidMember plugin?
EPM plugin is available on e107.webstartinternet.com exclusively for signed up members that have subscribed.

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